Rafa Bible Radio (Malayalam) റാഫാ ബൈബിൾ റേഡിയോ (മലയാളം)

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Dramatised HD Malayalam Audio Bible – Broadcasting Gospel, Winning Souls!

Follow along with Rafa Bible Radio in a journey through the Word of God. Listen to God’s Word no matter where you are. Rafa Bible Radio (Malayalam) is an exclusive online Bible radio station, streaming the Dramatised Audio Version of the Holy Bible (currently only New Testament) in HD quality round the clock in Malayalam language. Enjoy listening to 24×7 Bible broadcasts and share your Bible experiences with your friends and family.

Rafa Bible Radio is brought to you by Rafa Radio, the popular Malayalam Christian Radio in partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing and Biblica. Rafa Radio is owned by Rafa Media International, a non-profit Christian organisation, formed by a group of like-minded brothers in Christ who are very passionate and committed to share the love and salvation of Jesus through music and media ministry.


  • Free Christian Radio streaming Malayalam Bible Online 24×7
  • Easy to use—and free!
  • Fast High Quality Streaming
  • Dramatised Malayalam Audio Bible in HD Quality
  • Malayalam Contemporary Version translation by Biblica
  • Book Name and Chapter Number notification
  • Listen Bible in background mode with notification control (Play/Pause/Stop)
  • Instant playback and premium quality
  • Sleep Mode – lets you set a countdown timer to stop the radio when you sleep.
  • Instant switch to English Bible Radio and Rafa Music Radio (coming soon)
  • Share with friends via Social Networks or Email.

We are Rafa Bible Radio – Broadcasting Gospel, Winning Souls!

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Malayalam Contemporary Version (മലയാള ബൈബിൾ – നൂതനപരിഭാഷ)
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Rafa Bible Radio is created in partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing and Biblica. The partners have graciously given Rafa Media the permission to use their copyrighted material for our streaming Bible Radio channels. We appreciate their partnership in this ministry, and their hearts to inspire people to desire the word of God.